Vendor Inspection Reports

Our vendor inspection reports are carried out at the request of a Vendor for the following benefits to buyers and vendors.

The Vendor pays our inspection fee as an investment in being able to present their property to the market in the best possible light to potential buyers with transparency and disclosure regarding the property condition.

We provide the completed report to the vendor, plus the right to print copies for prospective purchasers. We strongly believe that being able to provide knowledge and upfront disclosure to potential buyers  will provide many benefits to all parties as follows:

  • Benefits for vendors 
    • We provide independent reports, giving purchasers confidence in your home.
    • Property condition is known immediately on purchasing the reports and promotes earlier and confident bidding/offers by buyers.
    • Direct access to inspectors to answer questions and clarify report recommendations which is essential.
    • Eliminates multiple inspections for vendor and agent to coordinate and schedule.
    • Property issues raised in reports can be dealt with by vendors before listing for sale or early in the marketing campaign when negotiating with potential purchasers before auction day or exchange of contracts.
    • As with our standard pre-purchase inspections, our service includes one free follow-up visit if required. If for example, our inspector had identified defective guttering and the vendor has replaced it since, we will inspect, and re-issue an updated report.  As per usual we do reserve the right to charge for travel or incidental expenses, especially if we have to travel for three hours to look at a no-longer dripping tap…
  • Benefits for purchasers
    • Dramatically reduces buyer investment in purchasing multiple reports on potential properties being considered for purchase.
    • No waiting for a property report, as it has already been prepared.
    • Purchasers have increased confidence in an independent assessment of the property.
    • Purchasers have access to our inspectors to answer questions.


We are an independent professional service provider and have no commercial relationship with any agent or agency. The reports provided are written in the same format irrespective of whether our client is selling, or buying a home. This independence provides security and confidence in our product.