Structural Only Inspection

What are Structural Only Inspections?

These are basic pre-purchase inspections.  The name is a bit of a giveaway really: the inspections are restricted to only the structural parts of a home.
Sometimes they are undertaken by existing homeowners who have concerns about their current home, or want to prioritise upgrades.
These inspections and reports have a reduced scope when compared to a full pre-purchase inspection. These inspections are arguably limited to the most critical areas of a property: the structure. While replacing an entire roof may be expensive, the cost will look cheap when compared with underpinning foundations or replacing load-bearing walls.


What do Structural Only inspections include?

Structural Only inspections consist of an inspection of visible structural elements (such as piers, walls, columns, beams and rafters). These inspections are conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1, Appendix A.


What don’t Structural Only inspections include?

Again the name gives a strong hint: if a part of the home isn’t structural, it’s not inspected or included in the report.
Non-structural elements include:

  • Any non-structural element, (roof and guttering, windows and doors, fences);
  • Any part of the property which cannot be accessed;
  • Any element that requires testing or measurement, such as soil or moisture tests;
  • Any area that cannot be visually inspected;
  • Damp defects, such as rising damp and condensation, where no structural damage has occurred, and;
  • General maintenance issues or any other defect unless they relate to the structural performance of the property.

Note: Please be aware if we notice something amiss, such as a non-structural defect we will include it in the report, it’s just that we won’t be actively searching for these things in a Structural Only inspection.

These inspections do not include a follow up inspection.


What do Structural Only inspections cost?

Because these inspections are not as time consuming or as detailed as standard Pre-purchase inspections, these are conducted at a cheaper rate than full inspections. The prices start at $325 for a 2-bedroom house or unit and run to $550 for a 6-bedroom house or larger.  The full price list is here.