At Anem, we are a proud to be a small Tasmanian business,  delivering a reliable and professional service.  We proudly support other local businesses and professionals who offer top quality services and products.

When we come across services we like, and want to tell others about, we do it here.  These are not paid advertisements or promotions, nor have we received any sponsorship or other incentive for these links.  These are individuals and businesses we have personally used and have been impressed enough to recommend them to you. In other words: we strive for quality and respect others who do the same.

You will notice there are no construction or property related companies listed below.  This is because of the nature of what we do. We want you to feel secure that our advice is open and honest. We feel it is inappropriate to recommend or  endorse any company directly involved in the building or property sectors.  

Jarvis Production


Jarvis Production are great! They do an amazing range of things; graphic design, branding, web design and film. Jarvis designed the Anem logo. (Actually they designed 3 or 4 before we decided on the one we liked best). Now they've embraced 3D visualisation. It's really fantastic to see a small Tasmanian company undertaking stunning cutting edge work like this. Check them out at Jarvis Production.

jarvis_black_Paddedlogo 2