Defect Inspections

Defect inspections are routinely conducted in larger or commercial building contracts.  They are conducted upon completion of the works but prior to handover.  They are also becoming increasingly common as a normal part of new residential homes and renovations.

The purpose of the inspection is for a party independent of the builder and the client to identify any apparent defects.  These defects may then be either rectified prior to, or after handover to the client.

These inspections are conducted by a person who is familiar with the relevant standards of construction and is able to determine if an issue constitutes a defect or not.

These inspections include 1 free follow up inspection, usually to verify any defects have been  rectified.

Apart from identifying defects, the inspector also will determine if an issue is within acceptable tolerance, or not.  For example: if a is straight or not.

Builders, or clients may request a defect inspection for a particular issue, especially if relations between the contractor and the client have broken down.

These are not to be confused with the final inspection by a Building Inspector. A Building Inspector will identify if the works conform with Building Code of Australia (for example; if a balcony handrail is compliant), but a defect inspector will be able to determine if the plastering is to an acceptable standard or not.