Condition (Dilapidation) Reports

Condition reports, also often called dilapidation reports in the construction industry, are a specialised investigation and record of a neighboring property prior to construction commencing on your land.

The inspector will record the condition of the next door property in a report with a large amount of photos.  If during the course of construction, the neighbour complains that the construction on your property has damaged a part of their property, the report will be able to conclusively determine if this is actually the case. 

It is not uncommon for a property owner to be unaware of issues on their property, such as small cracks, shifting paths and moving landscaping elements. The problem arises when these are noticed and the owner wonders if they were caused by the construction works next door.

These reports can save a lot of time, cost and headaches, and resolve potential issues before they affect relationships between owner, builder and neighbour.

Both the builder (or the home owner) and the neighbour receive a copy of the report.

The standard price is $450 per neighbouring property, although discounts may be applied for locations with multiple neighbours.  Usually our involvement ends with the presentation of the reports (generally because the reports prevent problems arising), but we do offer a follow-up service if required.

Why do these reports have two names? Well builders have always called them dilapidation reports, as they record any existing damage or dilapidation to next door.  It’s never nice inferring to a home owner that their property may be dilapidated, so the people conducting the reports generally tell the neighbour they would like to record the condition of their home.