Commercial Property Inspections

Hobart_CBDYes, not only do we conduct residential property inspections, but we also conduct inspections and reports on commercial properties as well!

We call them Property Condition Assessments, or PCA’s. Naturally we didn’t think up this snappy acronym all by ourselves, we borrowed it from ASTM International. ASTM is an international standards organisation which helpfully produce, among other things, E2018-15, the Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Condition Assessment Process.

Why is this important?

Here at Anem, we believe in standards. Standards which are straightforward. Standards which clearly set the benchmark for a service, and define what is required. By complying with these standards we deliver to you a report in which you can be confident it is fit for purpose. Confidence, reliability and professional service. What you expect: what we deliver.

What do you get?

We undertake a physical examination of the whole property and make notes. Where possible we talk to current or previous users or occupants. We will talk to TasWater, Council and TasFire as required as part of the investigation.  If we come across something needing attention, we will get an estimate to rectify. We then write a report listing all findings, together with any recommendations and their anticipated rectification costs.  This is particularly useful for undertaking a risk analysis and determining programmed maintenance and scheduled repairs.

A sample report can be found here. Please note, this is a real report, but for client confidentiality we removed any identifying material, replaced some pictures and deleted others.  For example, the cover photo is of a similar property in another city.

How much does this cost?

We charge an hourly rate for time spent investigating and report writing.  Commercial properties vary from warehouses and sheds (simple) to hotels and multi-storey flats (complex).  As a rough guide, a complex property will cost up to $1.75 m² of floor space.  A simpler property will take us less time, and we will charge you a lower fee accordingly.  For example, a small warehouse may cost around $500, and a block of six flats may cost around $1,000.