About Us

Who are we? 

Our inspectors are fully qualified builders with many years experience in residential construction, renovation and repairs. (Their experience actually runs into decades each, but they don’t like to be reminded of that).

We are based in Hobart and serve the Southern Tasmania area.


What to expect?

You contact us, either via phone (0431 970 657)  or email. We will then make arrangement to inspect the property.

You are welcome to accompany the inspector. However, please bear in mind that a mutually convenient time cannot always be arranged. While we will make every effort, our inspectors travel a fair bit and cannot always be available when you are. All inspections are undertaken in daylight, and an average inspection will take at least an hour, often longer depending on the size of the home.

The inspector will make notes during the assessment and a full report will be provided to you usually within 24 hours. The inspector will include photos in the report to help illustrate or explain particular issues. The majority of the report will be on ‘an exception’ basis. For example; this means that the report will not include detailed notes on the paint on every door in the home, but any issues with any door  will be noted in the report.

The inspector will conduct a visual inspection only, and will not dismantle, or damage any part of a home.

All inspections and reports are compliant with Australian Standard AS 4349.1 Pre-purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings.

Where applicable an inspector will recommend further inspection by a specialised inspector such as an electrician or a geotechnical engineer to further inspect some specific aspect of the building.

Our inspectors are fully insured professionals with many years of experience in inspecting, repairing and renovating homes in Tasmania.


Corporate Goals and Objectives.

You might consider this a bit dull, but at Anem we believe it is important to know where we are and where we are going.


Our Mission  (What we do)

To offer the highest quality property inspections and service at a reasonable price.


Our Vision Statement  (Where we want to be)

To provide the greatest confidence , security and value to property owners, buyers and sellers in southern Tasmania.


Core Values  (How we are going to get there)

Honesty, reliability and professionalism. Providing easy to understand information to non-specialists